About Us

The employment agency «Gigur LTD» has been working in the Israeli market since 2011. There are branches in the cities of Khader, Lod, Natanya.

The main purpose of the activity is the outsourcing of personnel for the main categories of jobs in the Israeli market for all categories of citizens seeking employment in Israel. They are primarily Israeli citizens, as well as tourists with work permits in Israel. We can be approached for a job search, and if you are an employer, you can leave us an offer with your position, and we will find you a suitable employee.

For job search and vacancy call:

office 0772070311, mob. 0545388428 fax 0772070312.

Our physical address is:

Sha’ar ha-omek 2, Natanya

Arba Aonoth 16, Lod

Working hours from 9:00 to 19:00