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The employment agency «Gigur LTD» offers mutually beneficial cooperation. We specialize in personnel outsourcing and recruitment for employers in need of qualified personnel.
We have a base of experienced, trained candidates: cashiers, salesmen, construction workers, movers, drivers, CNS machine operators, welders, locksmiths, warehouse workers, guards, cleaning workers, as well as vacancies for engineering positions.
Our options are:
«Hypur LTD» provides services of recruitment and mass selection of personnel according to individual requirements of the customer. Outsourcing of personnel will ensure optimal implementation of your personnel programs in accordance with corporate standards. All the wishes of the employer regarding the applicant are taken into account in the job profile. Cooperation is possible, ranging from the selection of a team of staff in a given area to the closure of vacancies.
We are interested in long-term cooperation and are ready to provide favourable conditions of settlement on the actual provision of services. «LTD Hypure» ensures the fulfillment of personnel requisitions in the shortest period of time with 100% fulfillment of all requirements of the customer.
The company regulates its employees in accordance with the applicable Israeli legislation and safety regulations. The projects are supported by professional staff whose responsibilities include problem solving, risk management and monitoring of work discipline. If the employee does not meet the customer’s requirements, the company will replace him with another at short notice. The main advantages of cooperation with us are:
• There is no need to train new professionals;
• Administrative costs and tax burdens are reduced;
• Legal and labour disputes are excluded;
• Costs are reduced with constant cooperation;
• Vacancies are closed expeditiously;

About the company

The employment agency «Gigur LTD» has been working in the Israeli market since 2011. There are branches in the cities of Khader, Lod, Natanya, Tel Aviv, Ashdod.
The main purpose of the activity is outsourcing of personnel for the main categories of jobs in the Israeli market.

Apply or call us: 0545388428, 0772070311, fax 0772070312

If you are a direct employer. you can leave your application for your vacancy. We guarantee that we will find you a worthy candidate.

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